Thailand is the world’s top economic country in terms of tourism. Every season, Thailand always has a constant stream of tourists. It is ranked and Thailand is one of the lists that was voted by foreign media all over the world for tourism.

Why is Thailand very popular for foreigners? Today, Jo Sea Sa will answer your questions.

  1. Thailand has one of the world’s best landscapes and climates in terms of cleanliness. Chiang Mai Province in Thailand is ranked 4th in the world (based on 2 September 2566 B.E.) by IQAir and Bangkok Metropolitan City, Thailand, ranked 64th in the world (based on 2 September 2566 B.E.).
  2. Thai food, Thailand has 24-hour Street Food because it supports both Thai and international tourists. As well as many Michelin Star restaurants, Thailand will be the world’s Food Land in the future because it is ready for all raw materials such as seafood or side dishes that are both delicious and easy to eat.

  3. In terms of culture, Thailand in India is nicknamed “Siam Muang Yim” because Thai people have a culture of smiling and paying homage to each other. It also shows respect to those who are smiling. This has been used as Thailand’s culture that foreigners love and Thai people are generous. As you can always follow the news, and always hear that Thais are the world’s top contributors to money and food. If you come to Thailand, you will not be disappointed by the kindness of Thais.

  4. In festivals, there will be many festivals such as Songkran which is very popular in Thailand and abroad. It is a culture where Thai people gather family members to pay respects and wish for a long life. After that, water was used to cool the heat in the summer of Thailand.
  5. In Thailand there is a low cost of living. Visiting Thailand will enjoy delicious food and you can travel comfortably at an affordable price. When comparing Thailand with other countries in Asia, it will be found that the cost of living in Thailand is very cheap.

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