10 Foods You Must Try in Thailand

10 Foods You Must Try in Thailand

  1. Tom Yum Goong

Signature food of Thailand is known all over the world with a strong taste of sour, spicy, salty, sweet and the smell of various herbs and spices that make this delicious food to be at the top of every food list in terms of deliciousness of food around the world. In this menu, the outstanding decoration is the fresh, bouncy shrimp, showing the abundance of seafood in Thailand that cannot be found anywhere else in the world like Thailand, and this menu received the 8th award for the most delicious food in The world’s 50 best foods from CNN Travel in 2021. 

  1. Curry (Panang Curry)

Panang curry is a traditional Thai food that emphasizes the taste, salty and sweet. The main ingredients of the curry are chili, galanga, lemongrass, coriander roots, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, cinnamon and salt. Meat can be added including beef, pork, chicken and others. This traditional food first appeared in the book Cookbook and Khao by Mom Som Chin Rachanuprapan in 1890. This Panang curry was ranked number 1 in the ranking of delicious stew dishes that are the best in the world from the Taste Atlas website. 

  1. Thai Red curry noodle / Khao soi 

Khao Soi is a traditional food of northern Thailand. Previously, the local villagers called this menu “Ho Noodles”, influenced by the Yunnan or Ho Chinese, whose food style is similar to noodles combined with a spicy curry soup, commonly eaten with pickled mustard greens, red onions, and others. Khao Soi was named the world’s best curry menu in 2023, ranked 2nd from the 10 Best Rated Curries 2023 on the Taste Atlas website.

  1. Green curry

Food has been with Thai people for a long time. A type of curry that is commonly eaten with steamed rice and Khanom Jeen. It has a history of origins dating back to the Ayutthaya period. This menu is the folk wisdom of Thai people in the past who wanted to modify food by adding coconut milk and dried chilies to the food to create a red curry or a spicy curry which has been applied to green curry today. The name of this curry comes from a curry that has a sweet green color because it represents a soft, mellow flavor. It has a unique light green color from the color of fresh green chilies and fresh green bird’s eye chilies. This menu is also ranked as the 19th most delicious curry in the world by the CNNGO website.

  1. Musaman curry (Mussaman curry)

Chicken Massaman Curry is a prize-winning menu among Thais today because this menu has received many awards from global rankings, such as No. 8 in the Taste Atlas website’s ranking of the world’s best-tasting stews and is the food champion. The world’s 50 best foods from CNN Travel from 2017 to 2021. This curry has been nicknamed the “King of Curry Pastes” with its rich, sweet, spicy, and salty flavors that go perfectly with the richness of Thai coconut milk and bean. This menu originates from the Indians before it was introduced to Thailand. Today it is easily available in Thailand. Almost every restaurant must have this menu. 

      6.Thai sour curry

Kaeng som or yellow curry is a spicy menu in Thailand that every Thai person must have and has a full flavor with a sour taste leading from lime followed by spicy, sweet and salty flavors, adding sour curry paste, vegetables, and meat. Kaeng som or yellow curry is a signature dish of southern Thailand. Because of the deliciousness of this menu, it has received another award as usual. It won the 10 Best Rated Curries 2023 award from Tasteatlas, ranked 10th.

  1. Stir Fried Curry Powder 

Stir-fried curry powder is another famous Thai food in Thailand. It is influenced by India because of the unique spice aroma of curry powder. It is popular to use meat from the sea such as crab because crab meat contains glycine and helps create creatinine. It can make the muscles feel better. There are also many benefits of herbs used to make curry powder, such as reducing blood sugar levels or stimulating the body’s immune system, etc.

  1. Som-tum (Som-tum)

Somtam is a local food menu in the northeastern region of Thailand. It is outstanding in its strong flavor and is therefore popular throughout Thailand. This papaya salad has main ingredients such as papaya, chilies and various seasonings. It is popular to eat with sticky rice and grilled chicken to increase the deliciousness of eating. Moreover, this menu can be seasoned and adjusted.

  1. Thai tea (Thai Tea)

Thai tea is a drink that is popular all over the world. The distinctive orange color of this drink along with the aroma of red tea combined with the sweetness of sugar and the smoothness of milk make Thai tea stand out in helping reduce thirst and the hot weather of Thailand. Guaranteed by the award for the world’s top 10 most popular drinks, organized by the TasteAtlas website, ranked 7th.

  1. Sticky Rice with Mango

Soft Power dessert of Thai people that is famous all over the world. This menu will have mangoes that have a sweet and sour taste and sticky rice that will be selected from the Khieaw Ngu variety that has long, slender seeds. After that, it is mixed with coconut milk, topped with concentrated coconut milk and sprinkled with golden fried beans or split mung beans to add crispiness. This menu is a dessert menu that Thai people like to eat to cool down until now. Its flavor is full of fragrant, sweet, oily aroma which blends perfectly. It is pleasing to the tastes of both Thais and foreigners. With its popularity, this menu has received an award guaranteeing its deliciousness from the CNN TRAVEL website, ranked as one of the 50 most delicious desserts around the world.