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Tour booking terms and conditions
1. Scope and application
These tour booking conditions will apply to the presentation of the tour program, tour bookings. and tour services on (hereinafter the word “website” will be used) These conditions are announced by Joe Caesar Transport Company Limited. (hereinafter referred to as “Joe Caesar Transport”), who is the seller to you. who booked the tour (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your”)
2. Tour booking conditions
Booking a tour through the Joe Caesar Transport website is only a notification of your intention to travel with Joe Caesar Transport. It is not a confirmation of the exact trip. Until you are contacted by the official to notify payment of the deposit for the tour. and other services (if any) and pay the remaining tour fees in advance before traveling. You will receive a document confirming your tour booking. Along with documents for receiving money from Joe Caesar Transport officials
3.Presentation of the tour program
3.1 Tourist attractions Pictures and descriptions of tourist attractions on the website are neutral in order to give an overall idea of the tourist attractions. The picture presented may not correspond 100% to the actual location when on the tour.
3.2. Price: Because tour prices may be changed at any time, Joe Caesar Transport reserves the right to announce prices on the website. that may not be in line with what Joe Caesar Transport officials informed when making payment Please rely on the seat reservation confirmation document. received from Joe Caesar Transport officials is important
4. Payment of service fees
You will be required to pay an advance deposit in the amount specified in the document as notified by Joe Caesar Transport staff within 3 days from the date of booking. and pay the remaining amount at least 14 days before travel or 25 days before traveling during festivals or HIGH SEASON such as New Year’s Festival, Songkran, etc. If you do not pay the remaining amount on the specified date, Joe Caesar Transport considers it You cancel your trip without conditions.
5. Trip Cancellation & Refund
5.1 Conditions for canceling a trip and requesting a refund depend on the tour program. which are shown in the tour itinerary documents sent by Joe Caesar Transport staff will refer to the tour cancellation and refund conditions as shown in the tour itinerary.
5.2 Cancellation due to accident or illness, please submit evidence of medical certificate or other reasons for consideration.
5.3 If you cancel your trip Due to any conditions in which one person in your group is unable to travel. One condition But you can find someone to travel instead. You can apply for a visa on time. (In the case of countries that require a visa) Joe Caesar Transport will charge an additional visa fee. and additional air ticket name change fees However, the air ticket conditions in the tour program must not be NON-CHANGE NAME & NON-REFUND conditions.
5.4 Refunds: Joe Caesar Transport will transfer the money back to the names of those who paid for the tour to Joe Caesar Transport only (unless authorization is confirmed in writing).
6. Tour services
6.1 Joe Caesar Transport is able to change certain itineraries on this tour program. When a force majeure event occurs that cannot be resolved
6.2 Joe Caesar Transport is not responsible for damages in events caused by airlines, natural disasters, revolutions, and others. Beyond the control of the company or additional expenses that occur directly or indirectly, such as illness, harm, loss, delay, or accidents.
6.3 If you withdraw before the travel program ends, Joe Caesar Transport will consider that you have waived your right and will not be responsible for the service fees that you have already paid in any case.
6.4 Joe Caesar Transport is not responsible for bans from leaving the country or bans from entering the country. due to something illegal or incorrect travel documents or being rejected in other cases
6.5 In the event of an error from a representative company or related agency. Until there is a cancellation, delay, or change in service from the airline, transportation company, or service agency, Joe Caesar Transport will do its best to provide alternative tour services. But no refund will be given for that service fee.
6.6 Tour guides, employees and agents of Joe Caesar Transport have no right to make any promises. All on behalf of Joe Caesar Transport Co., Ltd. unless there is a document signed by an authorized person of the company. Directed only
6.7 If unable to travel to the places specified in the program Due to nature, delays and errors from the airline. There will be no refunds of any kind. However, Joe Caesar Transport will provide travel itineraries for other places instead. We reserve the right to do this without prior notice.
7. Receipt
7.1 Joe Caesar Transport will issue a temporary receipt in the case of payment of the tour deposit. As for the receipt, the company will issue it after payment for the remaining service fees is complete.
Privacy Policy
Joe Caesar Transport Company Limited (“Company,” “we,” or “our”) recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information. Product users and our services We know that you care about how your information is collected, used, disclosed, and sent or transferred internationally. We will use the information you give us. To provide products and provide services that meets needs and necessities that are designed appropriately for you We will treat your personal information with care and reasonableness in order to provide you with the best possible customer experience and service.
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